Acupuncture in Brampton

You may have seen on TV or read in books about the ancient Chinese treatment involving the placement of needles into specific points on your skin. This is called acupuncture.

The list of diseases and conditions that can be alleviated or cured by acupuncture is about a mile long. It includes, but is not limited to:

  • Allergies
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Neck pain
  • Morning sickness
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Sprains
  • Stroke
  • Weight gain

The philosophy behind acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in general is that the universe is comprised of two opposing forces: yin and yang. Keeping them in balance is the key to a happy and healthy body through the manipulation of chi (energy) through acupoints, your acupuncture therapist will help to do just that.


Acupuncture works through meridians. There are 12 primary meridians, 8 extraordinary meridians and about 400 acupuncture points, not including bilateral points. Going into greater detail, there are over 2000 acupoints on the human body!

The primary meridians each have a yin associated with an organ, and a yang associated with viscous.

  • Lung and large intestine
  • Stomach and spleen
  • Heart and small intestine
  • Bladder and kidney
  • Pericardium and triple burner
  • Gall bladder and liver

The aforementioned extraordinary meridians carry a much larger amount of chi. They are called the Conception (yin) Vessel and Governing (yang) Vessel. These two vessels are related to your head and spinal regions. Through meridians, acupuncture therapy can alleviate pain anywhere in your body.


During acupuncture treatment, you will most likely experience a dry needling technique which is close to traditional acupuncture treatment. This involves the placement of needles in a muscle's trigger points without injecting any substance.

However, don't be surprised if your therapist suggests other techniques in conjunction with basic needling.

Moxibustion uses heated needles with dried herb sticks to activate and warm the acupoint.

Cupping is the process in which your therapist applies glass cups to your skin to create suction.

Electrostimulation can be applied at a low level to needles to cause further stimulation and is highly effective in pain relief.

Acupuncture is Here to Stay

Brampton is a constantly evolving city, and at Physio Active One we are doing the same. Acupuncture goes hand in hand with this philosophy. With 5000 years under its belt, practitioners of this therapy have maintained its roots while keeping it up-to-date with a fast-growing society.

New Western ideas about acupuncture have been looked at as quite radical, but are changing the approach of acupuncture and making it even more effective than ever.

The body is electric all on its own, so it only stands to reason that this natural chi can be manipulated by other electric stimulation than what the body itself can provide.

Through collaboration with low-level manual electrical stimulation from an outside source and lasers, technology is bringing this ancient practice into the future.

Contact Physio Active One today to get involved in this exciting and potentially life-changing therapy!