Sports Therapy in Brampton

At Physio Active One we’re well aware that the majority of the population of Brampton is not made up of pro athletes. But just because you aren’t a pro, does not mean you don't’ have the right to be treated like one.

Our bodies are an important part of our everyday lives. Without them being fully functional, our abilities to be independent and achieve our goals in life suffer.

Sports Therapy for the Weekend Warrior

Whether you’re a pro athlete, weekend warrior or someone who spends their days at a computer work station, you can benefit from sports therapy.

Sports physiotherapy can help you deal with pain from repetitive motion. For example, there are many professionals at desk jobs in Brampton. Typing and using a mouse causes repetitive wrist motions that can lead to arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Another ailment of a desk job lifestyle is bad posture, especially if your chair isn’t optimally suited to you. Back pain, bad posture and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain, making it difficult to exercise when you do have the time.

Through education and promotion of a healthy lifestyle, stretching, massage therapy, and mobilization activities, you can put in that overtime towards a promotion and stay fit and healthy.

Specified Treatment

Hot/cold treatment, massage and mobilization are used at the beginning and throughout most treatments, but sometimes something more specific such as electrotherapy is used.

The certified athletic therapists at Physio Active One are trained in the application of electrical modalities. This includes laser therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, interferential current and transcutaneous electrical never stimulation machines (known as TENS).

TENS machines transmit small electrical charges to the muscles through a patch placed on the client’s skin.

TENS treatment can act as an alternative to painkillers, but may be used alongside them.

Why Sports Therapy?

As someone who does not consider themselves an athlete, you may ask yourself, why sports therapy, instead of regular physical therapy?

If sports therapy has been recommended to you, there is a reason behind it.

Physical therapists are trained to use electrical modalities and can provide acute and occupational therapy for sudden injuries or chronic pain. However, an athletic therapist has a stronger focus on dealing with short-term sudden injuries. They can assess you quickly and work with you to get active again as soon as possible.

This may be beneficial to you if you can’t afford to miss work, if you’re a single parent or are simply overly anxious to get back to everyday life.

Not every client can work with a sports therapist. Many times it is necessary to have a slow rehabilitation period, especially if you experience chronic pain.

If you have been recommended to a sports therapist, don’t feel insecure about not being a pro athlete. Our therapists are trained to help anyone who walks into our Brampton offices and can get you out in the world again right away!