Home Physical Therapy in Oakville

Home physical therapy is a service we offer to clients who are not able to make it to the clinic. This service is generally available to:

  • Senior citizens
  • Clients whose injuries are too severe to leave the house
  • Clients suffering from mental trauma
  • Pediatric clients

As with all clients, the first visit will consist of a subjective assessment, physical exam and diagnosis. This will possibly be followed by the start of your treatment.

Booking a Session

First we recommend that you find out if you are eligible for government-funded physical therapy. Your doctor or nurse practitioner should be able to assist you.

If you are already enrolled at Physio Active One, your therapist can also help out! At Physio Active One we are happy to help the people of Oakville get access to physical therapy in whichever way suits them best.

Your First Session

To prepare for your first session so that you are comfortable and ready to get to work when your therapist arrives, we recommend you do the following:

  • Be sure to wear clothing you feel comfortable in. Your therapist will likely be evaluating your mobility and strength so you’ll want to be able to move easily.
  • Be prepared to answer questions regarding the nature and extent of your problem. This could also include questions about pre-existing conditions, allergies and phobias.
  • Bring your best attitude! A lot of physical therapy is about having the drive to do the work. It is quite likely that your therapy will start at your first appointment, so be prepared to jump right in.

What Will Be Involved?

Your therapist will be able to address many problems during your sessions including:

  • Pain
  • Balance
  • Endurance limitations
  • Short-term or long-term injury
  • Weakness
  • Stiffness
  • Trouble managing daily tasks

Techniques that may be applied as part of your therapy can include, but are not limited to:

  • Massage
  • Exercise and movement
  • Occupational development

Massage is suitable for most clients and is tailored to each individual. Along with exercise and movement to help with flexibility and range of motion, these practices are the most common in physical therapy.

Moving Forward

In-home physical therapy is available as a one-time consult, ongoing or as a set number of treatments. Depending on your condition, you may also decide as you go.

If you are recovering from an accident or other reason for hospitalization, your therapist will encourage you to reach a point in your occupational rehabilitation where you can begin to make visits to the Physio Active One clinic.

While the advantages of in-home therapy are many, there are disadvantages as well in the form of limitations to the type of therapy you could be receiving. Rehabilitation practices such as electrotherapy, hydrotherapy and acupuncture are only available in controlled environments and if one of these is ideal for your condition, it would be beneficial for you to work towards visiting the clinic.

No matter what your ailment is, our therapists are here to help you move forward at a pace that is best for you.