Physiotherapists in Toronto

Toronto is host to a diverse population of all ages. Here at Physio Active One, we offer specialized treatment for everyone.

If you're a parent bringing in a child with an injury or illness, our therapists will provide patient care with a focus on the most positive and fun elements of recovery.

If you're a young athlete looking to recover from an injury or for preventative measures, our sports therapists are on hand for you or your entire team.

If you are a senior citizen who wants to stay active and independent, we are here to help you do that.

Physiotherapy is available for anyone from athletes to those suffering from a chronic illness. Because of the range of treatment provided, Physio Active One understands that it is important to go the extra mile to make rehabilitation work for you.

Pediatric Therapy

Pediatric Physiotherapy is different from regular physiotherapy. Not only are therapists dealing with a client that is still growing, but often children do not understand why they are in therapy.

Through work with the entire family, treatment is both medical and emotional. A pediatric physiotherapist is there to help you and your child through difficult situations.

We Make This Fun

Especially if your child has a serious illness, "fun" may be one of the last things that you expect to experience in a clinical setting.

However, with years of experience under our belts, the therapists at Physio Active One are prepared to be your child's rock for emotional times, and their cheerleader for every success.

Children need to experience freedom and positivity to keep their energy up for treatment and we are up for the task of making sure their experience is as positive as possible.

Treatment for Seniors

Physiotherapy treatment is highly beneficial to seniors. Lack of mobility and fractures from falls are the most common ailments we assist with. Through treatment, you can remain independent for longer and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

If you are experiencing a lack of mobility, we are able to send a therapist to your home to help you get back on your feet again. Treatment will be carried out after an assessment is made and a personalized program is created under your supervision and approval.

Don't Lose Your Independence

No one wants to go through life with freedom and opportunity, only to lose that ability in their later years.

You may think that at a certain point, there is no other option—but that is not the case! Through regular treatment starting as early as in your 50s, preventative measures can be taken to keep you active and independent as long as possible.

If you were unaware of the benefits of physical therapy and feel you've let it slide too long—there is no such thing as a lost cause. You can always be healthier and happier, and we want to help you achieve your goals!

Get out and experience Toronto whenever you please. Continue running your own errands and day-to-day tasks, and continue to make your own choices!