Sports Therapy in Toronto

As a professional athlete, we know that your body is your career, and keeping it in tip- top physical shape is key.

If you have not yet found a sports physical therapist, it is something you should put serious thought into.

At Physio Active One, our athletic therapists are knowledgeable and empathetic. Not only are they there to keep you physically healthy, they are there for you emotionally as well. Sports physical therapists are available to be on hand for the individual, or the team— preventing injury, assessing the condition of each individual athlete and providing emergency care when necessary on the field and off.

Sports therapists are a key component for producing champion athletes. Why not let the therapists at Physio Active One help you be one of them?

Day-to-Day Care and Prevention

When you have your first appointment with a therapist, they will perform an initial consultation and assessment. From there, they will follow through on treatment, rehabilitation and pre-habilitation.

While treatment and rehabilitation involve client-specific treatments for injuries you present, pre-habilitation is the process of day-to-day care and prevention that will keep you strong and mobile and at the top of your game. Pre-habilitation is what will help you avoid recurring injuries.

  • Hot/Cold Treatment: Heat is used to relax injured muscles and cold is used to reduce swelling. Through alternation of these techniques, muscles are likely to heal faster.
  • Massage: Massage helps reduce aches you feel after training and is excellent for treating soft-tissue injuries by encouraging blood flow to the muscles. Massage can be light, rhythmic or concentrated, locating the key point where your muscle is stressed to release that tension.
  • Mobilization: Mobilization should be practiced regularly by every client. Exercises prescribed for this purpose restore joint movement and dysfunction and extend your range of motion.

On-the-Field Care

At Physio Active One we don’t just offer one-on-one therapy for the Toronto athlete, but for entire teams as well.

If you are a coach, no matter what level your team is at, having a physical therapist on the sidelines is a wise move.

While athletes can injure themselves over time through repetitive motion or improper stretching, they are most likely to experience acute injuries on the field at practice or even more likely, at a game.

Emergencies you have likely witnessed on the field include:

  • Concussions
  • Fractures
  • Spinal injuries
  • Strains
  • Sprains

In the case of all these accidents, it is important to get care as soon as possible. With an on-field physiotherapist, your team will have the quick assistance they need to get stabilized prior to the arrival of an ambulance.

All athletic therapists are certified first responders educated in CPR and Automated External Defibrillation (AED).

As an athlete, your body is your career. As a coach, you care about your team and want them to be at the top of their game.

Contact Physio Active One today and ensure you’ve got the healthiest, happiest team in Toronto.